AMERICAN SCOREBOARD follows the current administration and presents one hour verbatim readings of Senate and Congressional transcripts without intentional slant or interpretation. The readings are FREE and open to the public on an ongoing basis. Conceived and produced by Fran Kirmser, and created and produced by Chris Burney, this series brings together actors from theater, television and film to to encourage all citizens of every background and political persuasion to actively engage in and listen to the language of our leaders.



AMERICAN SCOREBOARD is dedicated to the dissemination of information related to current political, social and justice issues facing every citizen of the United States. Through performances of transcripts, documents and other first-hand sources, our goal, both on and off stage, is to engage a diverse and inclusive audience with policies and co-related discussions impacting Federal, State and Local governments. By integrating the immediacy of live-performance with accurate, non-partisan engagement, we strive to empower both actors and audience to better understand and respond to both the systems of American politics and the issues that impact our lives.

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